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Nativities Around the World is now part of the Community Christmas Festival.

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The Community Christmas Festival is a 3-day event that combines great holiday activities serving the Pullman-Moscow area of the Palouse for a combined 16 years featuring music performances, nativity displays, and family-friendly indoor activities.

This new combined event will be hosted December 1-3, 2017 at the meeting house of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2600 W A St, Moscow, ID. This is a community service event, and all are welcome at no charge.

The festival kicks off with a Christmas Carol Singalong of traditional and non-traditional music selections that will bring fun and entertainment to all ages during the first night of the event.

The second night is headlined by a Nativity Musical that builds on the tradition of 11th annual Nativities Around the World event. This musical production adds new dimension to a vast visual gallery has treated guests to vivid scenes and artistry from hundreds of nativity sets and artwork originating from locations around the globe, primarily from the rich collection of Moscow, Idaho, resident Peggy Applonie. While the nativity artwork will be on display throughout the three-day event, the second night’s musical play promises to add its own memorable touch.

The third night culminates the event with the Community Christmas Festival concert — a free performance to be given by choirs and groups from many different denominations and organizations that join together to share in the spirit and celebration of the early Christmas season.

Additionally, children-friendly activities continue to have their place: the Children’s Nativity Room and Stable Photo Opportunity are two additional destinations featured in other areas of the building throughout the festival.

All are welcome!